War of the Under World

   Gang warfare explodes when an overzealous member of the

Hung Hing triad offends a rival gang leader's son. An action-packed

underworld ballad with triad heroes fighting to save their turf from

power-hungry gangsters.

A film that offers a change of pace and focus among the string of Young

and Dangerous spin offs. With Tony Leung on board, the film recaptures

the romanticism of the gangster films of the late eighties, which is

something the Triad Youths genre lacks. Still the second in command is

Jordan Chan who is rising fast and furiously, and quickly becoming

the most significant actor of 1996.


Director : Yau Herman
Scriptwriting : Wong Jing, Chau Ting
Cinematography : Yu Kwokok Bing
Art Direction : Hiu Chi Hang
Action Design : Yuen Bun
Editing : Choi Hung
Music Score : Brother Hung
Costume : Cheung Suk Ping
Cast  : Leung Chiu Wai Tony
Chan Jordan
Lee Carman
Kuk Fung
Ting Chi Chun Allen
Lam Wai Leung
Loui Yu-Yeung Simon
Lam Gwing Yee
Producer : Wong Jing

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