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Herman has directed a TV commercial of real estate in 

Mainland China.  Alan Tam and Jacqueline Law were to star in 

the TV commercial.  

(6th July, 2001)


Herman has started the shooting of his new movie, Killing 

End, in June.  The casts are Andy Hui and Loletta Lee again.  

This is the third time for Herman to work with Andy Hui and 

the second time to work with Loletta Lee.

(6th July, 2001)


Herman was invited by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to 

serve as the external member of the Validation Panel for a 

Master Degree programme in Multimedia and Entertainment 


(10th April, 2001)


Herman has started the shooting of a new movie, Nightmares in

Precinct 7, in early March.  The movie is a ghost story starring 

Loletta Lee and Andy Hui.


(15th March, 2001)


A piece of work by Herman in 1993, The Untold Story, has been 

invited to participate in the forthcoming Etranges Nuits Du Cinema in 

Switzerland from the 12th until the 15th April 2001.

(3rd March, 2001)


Herman was invited to chair the Adjudication Panel of the Campus

Life Video and Film Competition of the Hong Kong Polytechnic


(3rd March, 2001)




The Movie, "From the Queen to the Chief Executive" has been 

invited to participate in the forthcoming Berlin International 

Film Festival (Berlinale).  The movie will be shown as a 

Panorama Special of the official programme.

(13th Jan., 2001)

"From the Queen to the Chief Executive" has been selected to represent 

Hong Kong cinema at the upcoming  XV edition of UdineIncontri 

Cinema, Far East Film Festival III, taking place in Udine, Italy, 

from 20th to 28th of April 2001.  Moreover, Herman is invited  

to attend the Festival in Udine as the Festival's welcome guest.

The movie is scheduled to be released in Hong Kong in May, 


(8th Jan., 2001)


The 6th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards 2000 is 

stepping into the stage of selection of award winners.  Herman has been 

invited to be a member of the jury panel.  This is the fourth time for 

Herman to be member of the jury panel.

(8th Jan., 2001)


After two months of shooting, nine months of computer special effects 

and six weeks of dubbing, sound effects and mixing, the movie 

"Master Q 2001" was done.  "Master Q 2001", starring Nicholas Tse, 

Cecilia Cheung, Master Q, Mr. Nobody and Potato, is directed by 

Herman Yau and produced by Tsui Hark and it is the very first Chinese 

movie in which live characters act with cyber 3-D characters.  

The volume of CG effects in the movie is the biggest one in Chinese

 cinema history and the whole movie is a "made in Hong Kong" one.

 "Master Q 2001" is scheduled to be released during Easter in Hong 

Kong and mainland China.

(26th Dec., 2000)

August, 2000, Herman began the shooting of his new movie, "From the 

Queen to the Chief Executive".  The movie is about human rights 

and the shooting is expected to be finished by mid-September.

Ai-jing in "From the Queen to the Chief Executive"

Stephen Tang in "From, the Queen to the Chief Executive

The movie is adapted from a book of the same Chinese name


August, 2000, Herman worked as director of photography in MTV of 

Taiwanese singer, Wu Bai's "My Name".  The MTV was directed by 

Tsui Hark.


May, 2000, Herman joined the production of  "Zu II" in Beijing as 

director of photography.  The first part of the shooting finished in 

June and the second part of the shooting will begin in mid-September.

April, 2000, two pieces of work by Herman, "The Untold Story" and  

"The Untold Story III" was selected to be screened in the Far East

 Film Festival that held in Udine, Italy.  Herman went there and 

participated in meetings  held during the festival.








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