Date : 28 August, 2001 (Tuesday)

Time : 8 : 30 p.m.

Venue : Hong Kong convention Centre - Theatre I 


Police detective Fong Jing is shot in the head during a bust. Although he 

survives the near fatal wound he is comatose and only wakes up after 2 years. 

During his recovery he is disturbed to find that he can now see ghosts. As 

he tries to ignore this new found ability he returns to police work. But 

when he is asked to solve long running case involving a serial killer, 

he begins to use his new talent to help solve the case.



Director : Herman Yau



Andy Hui
Screenplay : Herman Yau Loletta Lee
    Simon Loui       Cheung Tat Ming
    Paul Chung       Simon Loui
Cinematography : Yu Kwok Ping Fennie Yuen
Lighting Man  : Ng Kin Man       Lam Suet
Art Directors : Nelson Cheung  
    Adam Or        
Action Choreographer : Hung Cheung Dak      
Editor : Choi Hung (HKSE)  
Music : Brother Hung  
Assistant Director : Chan Chi Leung  



Presented by 

Raymond Wong

Produced by 

Ng Kin Hung

Written & Directed by

Herman Yau

Produced by

Buddy Film Creative Workshop Ltd

Distributed by 

Mandarin Films Distribution Co Ltd


( I )


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