No More Love,

No More Death

This prequel to With or Without You stars Jacky Cheung as a

hitman out for revenge. Pik-Fu loves his son--Prince, but trains

him to be a professional killer. He sends a pretty sexual girl --

Ching-ching as Prince's sixteenth birthday present. Ching-ching

is expected to be a sex and killer partner. They get alone well.

One day, Prince meets a girl--Chui who is a perfect lover for Prince.

They soon fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Prince is told

that Pik is not his real father......

Approx. running time 01:30:00


Director : Yau Herman
Scriptwriting : Chau Ting
Cinematography : Yau Herman
Art Direction : Ho Chi Hang
Action Choreography : Yuen Cheung Yan
Music Score : Wong Yiu Kwong
Editor : Ma Chun Yiu
     Cast : Cheung Jacky
Kwan Rosamund
Lau Carina
Lee Hak Kan
Chan Wai-Man
Chan Yuen
Tung Stephen

Executive Producer : Mr. Sze-To
Producer : Wong Taylor

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