When a woman commits suicide by jumping off of a building, 

Ten Magazine runs a picture of her bloody corpse on the cover of 

its latest issue. Four years later, one of the tabloid's photographers 

turns up dead, while his partner has been frightened into a state 

of dementia. Police inspector, Chak (Louis Koo Tin-lok), the cop heading up the 

investigation, sees a mysterious woman in red and pursues her 

but ends up experiencing a series of frightening visions. A reformed 

alcoholic whose previous drunken exploits were showcased in an 

issue of Ten four years earlier, Wong begins to wonder if he has fallen 

off the wagon. His partner, Chung (Simon Loui Yu-yeung), 

determines that the woman Wong seeks is the late model Kwok Siu-heung 

(Gigi Lai Chi), the victim featured on that infamous Ten cover. 

Another Ten reporter turns up dead shortly thereafter and there is 

one other, wholly inexplicable aspect of the case: an odd series of 

festering sores have appeared on some of those involved. The growths

 are resistant to any known treatment and Wong discovers some on his 

chest. But why him, when he had nothing to do with the incident?

Director : Yau Herman
Scriptwriting : Nam Yin
Story : Chang Kwok Tsz, Wong Jing
Cinematography : Chan Joe
Art Direction : Kwok Raymond
Action Design : Law Bruce
Editing : Chan Kei Hap
Music Score : Brother Hung
  Cast : Koo Tin Lok Louis
Lai Gigi
Loui Yu-Yeung Simon
Lee Wai Man Amanda
Lai Yiu Cheung
Chan Chung Ling
Law Lan
Ng Chi Hung

Ass. Producer : Shing Chiu Hong
Executive Producer : Ng Chi Hung
Producer : Nam Yin


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