Troublesome Night II

Disc jockey SAM (starring Koo Tin-lok), CHAK (Simon Lui) and LONG HAIR 

(Allen Ting) host a popular radio program on ghost stories. Although they hear 

many mysterious and terrifying accounts from callers, they don't believe in them.

One night, a depressed caller phones in. The three DJs try to mollify her but are 

in vain. LONG is so impatient that he tells her to drop dead. However, he feels 

guilty after knowing that she has committed a suicide.

The girl calls again the next night. Frightened, LONG visits her house hoping 

to do something good. Upon her mother's request, he reads her daughter's diary. 

While reading, LONG feels he's getting into the mind and body of the girl. The

following night, SAM and CHAK talk with a caller whose voice sounds 

familiar. LONG follows the girl's deadly path.

To cheer CHAK up, SAM invites him to a love boat tour organized by FAT 

and HAM. Yet, no girl shows up forcing them to call around and subsequently 

to hook up with a disenchanted wife. Meanwhile, the boat loses its direction 

and crashes into another boat. When FAT and HAM get onto the boat, they 

see corpses of the passengers including that of the disenchanted wife. 

Suddenly, they realize they are two wandering souls as well.


Fearing that he will die like his friends, SAM decides to quit his job. One 

night, he meets a girl but then loses sight of her. Afterwards, he is challenged 

by a lunatic car racer. During the race, the girl re-appears waving at him. SAM 

can't avoid her and, consequently, falls down a valley -- meeting her again. 

Indeed, SAM had knocked her down in an accident and left her unattended. Now,

 destiny puts these two "people" back together.

Three DJ trainees take the places of the late DJs, talking about ghost stories on 

radio as usual and not realizing that their older counterparts are waving at them!


Director : Yau Herman
Scriptwriting : Tsang Kwok Tsz, Lau Hau Wai
Cinematography : Chan Joe
Art Direction : Ho Chi Hang
Editing : Chan Kei Hap
Music Score : Brother Hung
Cast : Koo Tin Lok Louis
Loui Yu-Yeung Simon
Ting Allen
Cheung Tat Ming
Ng Chi Hung
Lee Wai Man Amanda
Chin Kar-Lok
Lai Yiu Cheung
Ng Wing Mei Christine
Kuk Vincent
Hui Fan

Executive Producer : Heung Charles
Producer : Nam Yin
Assoc. Producer : Chow Kwok Chung
Production Manager : Shing Chiu Hong

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