Troublesome Night

Troublesome Night has spawned three sequels (so far), and is an anthology of 

horror stories in the style of "Creep show" and "Dead of Night".

The film contains four parts and the four parts are linked up in a pretty good way : 

"To Copy the Details on a Tombstone", "Lost the Way", "Red" and 

"The Haunted Cinema". 

"To Copy the Details on a Tombstone" is about seven people who always play 

tricks on each other and finally one of them dies. 

"Lost the Way" is about a husband who after a fatal accident 

talks to his wife over the phone...... 

"Red" is about a girl possessed by a ghost. 

 "The Haunted Cinema" involves star Brother Hung and his girlfriend going to the 

theater and accidentally sitting in a seat reserved for a ghost.


Director : Cheng Steve
Tam Long Cheong
Yau Herman
Cinematography : Chan Joe
Art Direction : Mok Siu Kei
Editing : Chan Kei Hap
Music Score : Brother Hung

  Cast :

Loui Yu-Yeung Simon
Louis Koo Tin Lok
Ding Chi Chun Allen
Chu Wing Tong Jason
Choi Siu Fun Ada
Mak Ka Kei Teresa
Bak Ka-Sin
Law Laan
Lee Lik Chi
Ng Chi Hung
Yuen King-Tan
Chung Christy
Chan Kam Hung
Hui Fan
Lee Shiu Gei
Ng Wing Mei Christine
Kwok Ho Ying Kenix

Executive Producer : Pang David, Wong Kit Fong
Producer : Nam Yin
Associate Producer : Chow Kwok Chung


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