After two months of shooting, nine months of computer special

 effects and six weeks of dubbing, sound effects and mixing, 

the movie "Master Q 2001" was done.  "Master Q 2001", 

starring Nicholas TseCecilia Cheung, Master Q, Mr. Nobody 

and Potato, is directed by Herman Yau and produced by 

Tsui Hark.  This is the very first Chinese movie in which live

 characters act with cyber 3-D characters.  The volume of 

Computer Graphic effects in the movie is the largest in 

Chinese cinema history and the whole movie is "made in 

Hong Kong".





Master Q, Mr. Nobody and Potato are comic characters created by famous comic writer Alfonso Wong.


(Right hand side : Cover of the comic book in the early 60's)

(Below : Comic characters in "Master Q 2001")



Famous cartoonist, Alfonso Wong, is retiring.  As part of his plan, Wong decided to close down his comic book company and to lead a leisurely life in Mount Mutton.  The three staff, Master Q, Potato and Mr. Nobody, who had been working for Wong for many years, suddenly became jobless.  Mr. Nobody, considered the luckiest one, was chosen by Wong to be his assistant on his trip to China, while Master Q and Potato had to try their best to get new jobs.  Not surprisingly, all of their efforts were in vain.  

During their search, the two inadvertently insulted Mr. Kam, the head of an influential local triad.  Kam was very angry by their stupid acts and decided to kill the two.  While Master Q and Potato were trying to get away from Kam, they caused a traffic accident involving two innocent by-standers: Nick and Cecilia.  Nick was a police officer while his girl friend, Cecilia, is a teacher in a secondary school.  Master Q and Potato rushed Nick and Cecilia to hospital.  After surgery, the Mr. Kam took a liking to the intelligent Nick and after learning that Nick has lost his memory, Kam decided to brainwash him and groom him as a successor.  

Ceciliaˇ¦s mother is a candidate in the up-coming legislative council election and wanted to have greater media coverage.  So she held a press conference to thank Master Q for saving her daughterˇ¦s life.  During the press conference, Ceciliaˇ¦s mind was triggered off in the wrong direction and started to tell the press of her motherˇ¦s hypocrisy.  The press conference ended up in chaos and Cecilia left with Master Q.  In time, Cecilia got part of her memory back.  She can clearly remember that there is someone she loves who is waiting for her but she just cannot remember who this someone is.  

At the same time, Nick was used by Kam to carry out his plan of forcing innocent schoolboys to join the triad.  To save the students, Cecilia was forced to accept a challenge of a football match with Nick to decide the studentsˇ¦ fate.  Nick fell in love with Cecilia at first sight and decided to let the students go.  Cecilia, however, refused Nick, even though he changed his way to please her.  She felt that she could not let down the one who was still waiting for her, not realizing that itˇ¦s the same person.  

Nick became totally listless and decided to retire from the gang.  On the other hand, Kam put the blame of his recent failures on Nick and decided to kill Nick.  As Nick was about to be terminated, Ceciliaˇ¦s memory came back. She remembers  that Nick is her loved one.  After a breathtaking escapade, Master Q and Potato helped the couple to be reunited.


Director : Herman Yau



Nicholas Tse
Screenplay : Tsui Hark Cecilia Cheung
Lee Man Choi Master Q
Roy Szeto Potato
Herman Yau Mr. Nobody
Cinematography : Yu Kwok Ping Raymond Chan
Art Director : Ho Chi Hang Lai Yiu Cheung
Costume Designer : William Fung  Law Koon Lan
Mable Kwan Emily Kwan
Action Choreographer : Hung Cheung Dak Alfred Cheung
Editor : Chan Kei Hop Joe Junior
Music : Brother Hung Tats Lau
Computer Animation : Menfond  Hui Siu Hung
Electronic Art &   Law Lan
Computer Design Lam Suet
Co. Ltd.
Line Producer : To Wan
Production Manager : Fung Chi Wai

Special Appearance

: Alfonso Wong

Theme song

: "Listen to what Master Q said"

Performed by

: Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung,            Master Q, Potato
Music and Arrangement : Brother Hung
Lyrics by : Gene Lau

Presented by

: Charles Heung

Administration Producer

: Tiffany Chen


: Tsui Hark

Presented by One Hundred Years of Film Company Limited

A Production of Film Workshop Company Limited

Distributed by China Star Entertainment Group


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