A gripping Hong Kong Hitchcockian suspenser about an 

ordinary man pulled into a web of intrigue and murder 

after he witnesses a violent jewel heist and realizes 

that the culprit, a dirty cop, plans to abscond with 

the booty.

Anthony Wong is a traffic monitor who has always dreamed of being a 

super-cop like a Clint Eastwood/Bruce Willis/Jackie Chan/Steven Segal 

movie character. One day, he gets his chance when he is mistaken for a 

policeman by a damsel in distress and her triad-boy suitor and he ends 

up using the knowledge he gained from watching so many movies and 

reading so many mystery novels, in his investigation of a mystery that 

puts all three of them at deadly risk.... A well crafted and executed, 

nicely paced comedy / action film that delivers on both counts

(comedy and action), while also serving up some humorous spoofs 

of John Woo movies and other classics of the cop genre.


Director : Yau Herman
Scriptwriting : Lau Wing Kin
Cinematography : Yu Kwok Bing
Art Direction : Ho Chi Hang
Action Choregrapher : Chin Kar Lok
@ @ Yik Tin Hung
Car Stunt Coordinator : Pang Billy
Editor : Ma Chun Yiu
Music Score : Brother Hung
          Cast : Wong Anthony
@ Wong Linda
@ Hui Andy
@ Lam Bowie





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